nesting dinghy and folding bike
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here are some pictures of my nesting dinghy and folding bike

The dinghy started out as a sailing dinghy that was used as a flower garden and flag pole in a neighbors house.  The bike is my design to make storage of a full size bike not take up so much room in a boat or whe transporting it to shore in the dinghy.  Click on any picture for a full size view.

2 piece dinghy together. Click on any picture for a full size view

test fit before modifying the rear seat. Both halves float and it can be assembled in the water if needed. A pin at the keel holds the hull together and lines on the cleats pull and hold the top rails together.

rear seat modification, bow section behind

Expirementing with a sprit sail, sprit and mast are the oars, sprit oar has hole in the end that fits oar lock pin on mast oar. The mast oar needs stays to hold it vertical. I need to find or make a sail for the normal mast too. Then this should be good to teach somebody, like a new mate, the fundamentals of sailing. I've also got a folding square sail that hangs from an oar as mast and the other oar acts as the rudder on a 3rd oarlock in the center of the stern.

To see what the boat looked like before I modified it, go to my other website -- click on this picture

My 2nd full size disassembling bike, still more improvements to be made, but completely useable.

a successful wheel design,. The air pressure in the tire holds the wheel together. The wheels are the most important part of the bike.

an earlier wheel, also successful. The design and air pressure makes it rigid

My first folding frame design

It's near impossible to carry 2 people, 2 bikes, and supplies in a reasonably sized dinghy, this is my attempted solution to the problem. Click on this picture for more full size pictures and a trailer

Probably my best wheel design