Brother's new house pg 3
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More pictures, the house is starting to be liveable

These pictures where taken July 2011, click on the pictures for a larger view.

We bonded the rubber membrane on the roof. Next will be 3 months of hauling dirt to cover it all.

We had to expirement with bonding the corners of the chimney. The conveyor will be used one last time to pour the wing retaining wall on the SE side.

The kitchen looks like a normal house.

The large kitchen easily allows 3 people to work at once in meal preparations. The dining area is attached. The counter worked well as a buffet.---The rest of the house is still mostly bare metal studs. A bathroom is finished downstairs.

Nov 2012 --- The roof is starting to get covered with dirt

There still is lots of dirt ot move but there is enough to make quite a difference to the inside temp.

The east wall is still bare, it needs a pile of dirt moved probably about 300 cubic yds or so.

He needed 6 new tires for the dump truck, so he came up to my place in Kansas and we got him a pile of good military tires, I have about a hundred of them 11.00x20's

The front exterior is much the same except for some electric lamps and new outdoor furniture,

A finished bathroom in the basement and the mechanical room is about done, getting work done on the heating coil plumbing that heats the concrete walls if needed.

The rest of the basement is rather bare except for a woodstove, couch and bed, where I slept.

Upstairs it is starting to look like a normal house.

The upstairs bathroom.

These are the last forms to come down, the ceiling of the grill porch.

custom brackets, hydraulic jacks and a lift were used to safely get the pocket forms down.

A good reason to smile.

Finally the last one is down.